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Thank you for your interest in the one of the highest caliber referee associations in Southern California. This Association is a nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation organized under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law. The specific purpose of this corporation is to educate, train and mutually benefit soccer referees, and to provide soccer referees to the various leagues and tournaments in the Southern California geographical area. Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association is a 501c(3) corporation. Interested in information on how to join? Contact our Secretary at

If you want to know how Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association operates, you can read our By-Laws or attend one of our Monthly Meetings.

Who We Are

It is also the purpose of this Association to represent its members and their interests to the various governing bodies of soccer, soccer leagues, soccer clubs soccer tournaments, referee associations and other persons and organizations as necessary. ​

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Our Work

Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association (IESRA):

  • provides monthly training meetings geared to entry level and intermediate officials
  • facilitates and cooperates with CalSouth and USSF sponsored training for advanced officials
  • secures tournament contracts throughout the year to provide games for all officials
  • provides weekly evaluations and feedback on select entry level and intermediate officials
  • coordinates assessments through CalSouth and USSF for intermediate and advanced officials
  • hosts training seminars at the request of CalSouth
  • hosts certification clinics when necessary, or at the request of CalSouth, for new officials
  • hosts re-certification clinics each year for all levels of officials
  • has in place a volunteer Inquiry Board which reviews referee actions at tournament events
  • provides referee coordinators for all tournaments to review and evaluate officials
  • coordinate with soccer clubs/tournaments to provide positive experience for all players, coaches, administrators and spectators

Core Values

This Association aims to see that no person be denied membership, and no person or organization will be denied the services of this Association on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

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Interested in information on how to join? Contact our Secretary at

IESRA provides liaisons’ for tournaments to insure that all tournament games are covered properly and that all officials abide by tournament rules. When necessary changes are made so that officials are on games that are appropriate to their abilities. Provides a contact point for tournament staff, coaches, administrators and parents who have concerns regarding officiating.

Our Mission

The purpose of this Association is to facilitate the education, training, assessment, and upgrade of soccer referees at all levels of experience and certification, and by so doing, promote the game of soccer and increase the enjoyment of the game by spectators, players and other participants.

Our Story

Without Soccer Referee Associations there would be no consistency in the level of officiating. Properly trained officials provide a safe and fair environment for the youth of Southern California to experience team play and competition. Superior and consistent training provides a pool of officials that achieves this goal. Officials are participants in the educational and physical development of soccer players. As such, they must exercise a high level of self-discipline, independence and responsibility. It is a goal of Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association to follow established guidelines for ethical standards of conduct for all tournament events and to insure that each official receives training and understanding of the Laws of the Games for soccer and their interpretations by USSF and CalSouth. Each of the activities listed above are the building blocks to achieve our goal to facilitate the education, training, assessment and upgrade of soccer referees at all levels of experience and certification and to promote the game of soccer. Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association has been doing this since 1988.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Quality Work

We focus on service and being professional because your satisfaction is important to us.

We stay true to our values and strive to give you an experience you’ll talk about for years to come. We want you to be satisfied and say, “job well done.” Our commitment is to our customers, and our passion and dedication always results in quality service.

We want you to remember Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association. We want you to walk away satisfied. To us, word-of-mouth is important, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. We can promise that we will stay true to our values so that you will be eager to work with us again.

President Jess Branson (909) 855-6636
1st Vice President Nic Sanabria N/A
2nd Vice President Fabio Massarelli N/A
Treasurer Bill Meyer N/A
Secretary Bernard Waddell (951) 515-3530
Member-at-Large Mark Goodfellow (951) 295-1469
Assignor Jess Branson (909) 855-6636
Director Of Instructions N/A N/A
Membership Secretary N/A N/A
Bulletin Editor Kathy Uribe N/A
Webmaster Jess Branson N/A
Past President John Dunbar N/A

Contact Information

Please contact us at your convenience with any questions or comments you might have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Inland Empire Soccer Referee Association
P.O. Box 1763 San Bernardino, CA 92402
Telephone: (951) 286-4228

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